CAFM backed by humans: an unbeatable combination

Experience streamlined facility management like never before with Elogs. Our cutting-edge CAFM system doesn’t just manage facilities, buildings, infrastructure, and assets—it revolutionises the way you operate. Backed by our dedicated 24/7 Service Desk, we guarantee proactive ownership of every job, leaving no room for errors or oversights.

With Elogs, you can effortlessly oversee an unlimited number of sites, properties, and assets at a single glance. Our platform empowers you to store all documentation, track actions, and access comprehensive audit trails, ensuring seamless communication and transparency across your organisation. While you focus on building high-performing assets, we handle the heavy lifting, delivering unparalleled efficiency and success. Experience the future of facility management with Elogs—where success is not just a goal, but a certainty.

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    Revolutionising Property Management


How our CAFM+ Service Desk will benefit your organisation

Elogs redefines the standard for CAFM solutions with our unparalleled Service Desk. Unlike other providers, our Service Desk isn’t just a support team—it’s an extension of your company, dedicated to your success. Our expert team seamlessly handles every aspect of job management, from logging tasks raised by your FMs to dispatching them to service providers, and meticulously tracking progress from initial attendance to completion. With Elogs, rest assured that your operations are in capable hands, driving efficiency, productivity, and unmatched success.

  • Nothing gets dropped

    For seamless operations and peace of mind, the Elogs Service Desk diligently monitors tasks from quotation to completion, taking ownership every step of the way. We proactively drive progress and maintain a thorough communication audit trail, leaving no room for oversight or delays.

  • An extension of your company

    Customised to each client, our service desk team delivers 24/7 support tailored to your culture and values. We seamlessly embody your brand, answering calls as if within your company, ensuring your customers receive top-tier service, day and night.

Key benefits of Elogs CAFM

  • Supply chain management

    Our combined solution of CAFM+ 24/7 service desk proactively ensures all services are delivered to predetermined SLAs and KPIs; creating audit trails that provide a complete and accurate service history.

  • Easy remote auditing

    Get total visibility of everything that is happening on your sites, without having to leave your desk. Receive online audit trails for each facet of a job, see supplier performance stats or get a top-level exception report when you login.

  • Improved supplier performance

    With live data accessible at any time, presented through our intuitive supplier performance traffic lights, which help drive, improve and identify gaps in performance.

  • Reactive jobs and quotes management

    Every job is managed from quotation and approval through to ownership and completion. Each step is monitored to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten.

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

    With the PPM planner, you have clear visibility of scheduled maintenance across your portfolio. Jobs can be updated in real time, providing comprehensive audit trails so everyone stays informed.

  • Asset Management

    Easily link assets to industry or personalised service specifications and seamlessly share this information with users and engineers. With our App, engineers can access historical service data when servicing or repairing assets, leading to efficient work processes.

What our clients say about Elogs

  • Commercial Estates Group, better known as CEG, is a leader in the world of property management. Since its founding in 1989, CEG has grown to become a titan of industry with a portfolio covering 6 million square ft, valued at £800 million.

    Paul Greenhalgh FM Quality and Procurement Manager Read case study
  • Founded in 1999 in the UK, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is a global real estate company that combines innovative technology with world-renowned expertise. JLL invest in a wide range of assets across retail, industrial, commercial, hotel, and residential real estate

    Richard Curnow Head of Partner Performance and Optimisation Read case study

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