Why was Elogs created?

In simple terms—Elogs was created to help facilities and property managers better manage their buildings. So, with Elogs, we wanted to develop a range of products that would help FMs communicate with tenants, collect rent, ensure building safety, and streamline maintenance activities across the board.

As facilities management companies expand their property portfolios, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of and effectively manage their buildings. So, Elogs was built to help reduce the burden of managing multiple properties.

Ultimately, the goal was to take the stress out of facilities management and streamline day-to-day process so that FMs could spend more time on the things that really matter in their businesses.

We’ve managed to develop an ecosystem of products that cater to a facilities manager’s every need. Our advanced technology also allows integrations with other platforms in compliance and supply chain management.


  • At the end of the day, we’re here to take people’s problems away. So, by making sure our products are the best in class, we can help our clients reduce risk and improve their operations.

    Rob Mead

    Managing Director, Elogs

What problems does Elogs solve?

With Elogs, one of the main problems we wanted to solve was helping facilities managers respond to out-of-hours building issues. For example, if a one of your tenants has a pipe burst in in the middle of the night, it’s harder for FMs to effectively deal with this issue when they’re half-asleep. Not only that, but it is a lot of work for the facilities manager to arrange and send out a qualified service provider at the drop of a hat.

So, what is the solution?

We knew that creating a 24-hour service desk would address this problem. With a round-the-clock service desk team, Elogs Service Desk can respond to emergencies 24/7, meaning facilities managers don’t have to be on call day and night.

As a property manager who uses Elogs Service Desk, you don’t have to deal with building maintenance issues directly. But instead, you can wake up the following morning to find an e-mail telling you there was a problem in one of your buildings, but it’s already been resolved by the Service Desk team.

Ultimately, the purpose of Elogs is to take the hassle away from property and facilities managers, making life easier and reducing the stress that comes with managing a large property portfolio.

  • Alongside our core products, we're also dedicated to bolstering the integrations between our wider divisional platforms to establish a truly end-to-end FM, supply-chain, and Compliance management offering for our valued client base.

    Rob Smith

    Product Manager, Elogs

How does Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk support clients?

For our clients, Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk acts as a single source of truth. All the information you need for each of your buildings is in one place, allowing you to see what maintenance activities have been carried out, which contractors have been deployed, the PPM schedules in place, and more.

Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk was relased in 2010 to streamline the management of facilities, buildings, infrastructure and assets. Elogs is one of the few providers who offer an integrated solution in the form of a CAFM+ Service Desk. Every action taken by our service desk team is traceable and auditable in the CAFM system, giving you complete transparency and visibility of your buildings.

With Elogs, you not only get an advanced CAFM platform, but also a devoted team who care about your problems and are deeply committed to solving them.


  • When client resources are getting stretched and it becomes trickier to manage large portfolios, Elogs is a way to help streamline and simplify the facilities management process.

    Rob Mead

    Managing Director, Elogs

What makes Elogs stand out from the crowd?

One of the key reasons that Elogs is unique is because of our integrations. Not only do our own products integrate with each other, but our CAFM also links to Meridian, a risk management software, and Prosure360, a supply chain management system.

Our integrated Service Desk also plays a key role in helping Elogs stand out from the crowd. Unlike an outsourced approach, our service desk team is genuinely invested in your success and are driven by compassion, empathy, and a willingness to provide practical solutions.

That’s why 92% of our clients agree that our service desk helps them do their jobs more efficiently.

The main differentiator in terms of what we offer is our service desk team. It’s all about the people—our integrated service desk see every issue through from start to finish, and they truly care about solving our clients’ problems.

  • What sets us apart from the crowd is our efficient Service Desk that is integrated with the Elogs CAFM. Our team embed themselves into your business and take on the customer facing role, empowering you to focus on the other priorities within your business.

    Arlia Bundy

    Operations Director, Elogs

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