Achieve real-time visibility across your entire property portfolio

Ensure the long-term preservation and optimal performance of your assets with Elogs CAFM. Our system is designed to proactively identify and remedy inefficiencies across your properties, giving you real-time visibility and control.

Unlock the power of comprehensive contract and supplier management while seamlessly organising your assets with our cutting-edge solutions. With options to effortlessly register assets, conduct surveys, and create tailored maintenance programs (PPM), maximise your efficiency and elevate your operations to new heights.

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Key Features for Procurement Managers

  • Monthly Reports

    Our monthly report offers a rolling 12-month trend analysis on reactive and planned attendance and completion, enabling you to visually track performance across your portfolio, specific sites, or service partners. Ideal for monitoring improvements and performance trends.

  • Audits

    The audit tool allows you to create bespoke and detailed inspection templates. This tool is perfect for property inspections or compliance based assessments where you need to demonstrate an inspection process and where you want to demonstrate and track the follow up process to any identified actions.

  • KPI Tool

    Our KPI tool streamlines joint performance reviews between facility managers and service providers, with configurable questionnaires and automated scheduling. Service providers can self-assess, reducing FM workload. After submission, FMs review and adjust scores, enabling trend analysis to identify potential issues.

  • Supplier Performance Monitoring

    Elogs offers a comprehensive supplier management system where every interaction is integrated and measured. Track live supplier performance or view historical data to report on changes over time. Benchmark service providers against each other to report on SLAs and KPIs. Suppliers can also analyse their own performance scores through Elogs, identifying areas for improvement and making necessary changes.

  • Multiple Site Management Tool

    Get total visibility of everything that is happening on your sites, without having to leave your desk. Receive online audit trails for each facet of a job, see supplier performance stats or get a top-level exception report when you login.

  • Prosure360 Integration

    Our integrated platforms offer real-time data on Insurance, SSIP qualification, Pre Qualified Assessments, and Financial Health for informed supplier decision-making. Set supply chain standards in Prosure360 to instantly view a traffic light report of supplier compliance, ensuring they meet your criteria at a glance.

Sustainable, socially responsible supplier procurement that improves the quality of service delivery

The latest offering from Elogs is a shared economy platform that connects Facilities Managers with trusted suppliers based on their quality, price and location. We leverage our extensive network of suppliers and their performance data to ensure anyone can get fabric or maintenance issues resolved at any time, whilst guaranteeing quality and value.

In this way, we can speed up the delivery of services to your buildings and give property management teams better choice over who supplies them.

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