A cloud-based property portal to make facilities management easier

Occupier Portal is a cloud-based property portal that makes it easier for landlords, site management teams, business owners and tenants to manage and interact with the buildings they are responsible for or occupy.

Occupier Portal provides a range of features that enable you and your staff to control different building management processes from one place. Use the platform to manage visitors, deliveries and parking; enable your tenants to raise building issues and get progress updates and improve tenant-FM communication with the in-built message board.

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Benefits of using Occupier Portal

  • Improved communication

    Use the message board, and documentation functionality to communicate with tenants easily.

  • Track issues

    With the Elogs integration, enable tenants to track the progress of maintenance & fabric jobs.

  • Keys

    Occupier Portal has a Keys feature that helps to ensure all building access keys contractors do not leave your site with an important key.

  • Single interface system

    Control building processes, such as visitor sign in/ out, documentation management and more, from one place.

Features of Occupier Portal

Occupier Portal gives you access to a range of features that will streamline building management processes and enable improved tenant-FM communication.

  • Personalised Dashboard
  • Visitor Management
  • Elogs Integration
  • Request Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Environment Profiling
  • Contact Directory
  • Key Holding
  • Event Booking
  • Message board
  • Deliveries Management

Works in tandem with Elogs

Occupier Portal integrates seamlessly with Elogs, which means you can enable tenants to log and track building issues via the portal.

When a job is logged, it will be sent to Elogs CAFM where it will follow the traditional workflow, such as go to the FM for approval. Tenants can therefore keep track of job progress, rather than asking site management teams to log jobs and provide regular updates.

With this integration, management teams can also pull files from Elogs into Occupier Portal, helping to prevent duplication of effort.

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