Unleash the power of integrated platforms to amplify visibility, turbo charge productivity and slash risks.

At Elogs, we know the hurdles organizations encounter when common data needs to be managed across multiple systems. These challenges often lead to duplication, delays, and errors. That’s why we’ve integrated our CAFM system with Prosure360 and Meridian from our partners at William Martin.

This integration merges three top-tier systems, streamlining operations for facilities and property managers. With Elogs, you gain unparalleled transparency and control, ensuring your compliance management is efficient and hassle-free.

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How do these platforms integrate?

Our integrated platforms offer a comprehensive 360-degree solution to meet all your compliance and facilities management needs and here is how it works;

Risk Assessments to Actions: We start by seamlessly integrating the actions identified from your risk assessment and uploading them into Meridian.

Choosing the Right Service Providers: Using Prosure360, you can set the standards for your service providers. Select those that meet your criteria right within the Prosure360 platform. This ensures your supply chain consists of qualified and reliable contractors.

Job Requests and Permits: Actions in Meridian are pushed into Elogs CAFM as job or quote requests. Permits are raised in Meridian, giving service providers automatic visibility of any hazards before they arrive on-site.

Job Execution and Updates: Service providers pick up the job in Elogs CAFM, visit the site and fix the issue. They then update Elogs CAFM, which automatically syncs with Meridian. Once the job is verified as complete the action can be closed in Meridian.

With our integrated approach, managing your compliance and service providers has never been easier. Enjoy a smoother, more efficient workflow with Elogs!

Prosure360 Integration

Prosure360, the State-of-the-art supply chain management solution, transforms visibility for service providers in any industry. Rooted in high standards and ethical best practices, it delivers unprecedented transparency. The in-house assessors expertly navigate you through assessments such as Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) and the Prosure360 Pre-Qualification standard. These assessments cover vital domains such as Business & Professional Standing, Equality, Diversity, People and Quality Management. Get full control and visibility of your supply chain with Prosure360.

Meridian Integration

Meridian stands as a cutting-edge online risk and compliance management software, bringing state-of-the-art solutions to your fingertips. Crafted for comprehensive visibility into your health and safety performance, this platform empowers you to cut costs, save time and reduce the burden of compliance management. Its versatility shines through with a spectrum of configurable modules, enabling you to customise the Meridian platform to precisely meet your unique business requirements. Experience the future of risk and compliance management with Meridian – where efficiency meets adaptability.

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