Simplify Your Workflow with Elogs CAFM Platform

Experience the convenience of our easy-to-use Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) platform that simplifies accepting quotes, updating jobs, and maintaining compliance with KPIs and SLAs.

With the Elogs CAFM system, managing your tasks on the go has never been easier. Our intuitive platform notifies you immediately when a new job is assigned, a quote is due, or compliance paperwork requires attention. The Elogs app allows you to respond to requests instantly, no matter where you are.

When you join Elogs as part of a new client contract, our dedicated service desk provides proactive support, monitoring job lifecycles to ensure nothing is overlooked. Rest easy knowing you and your team are covered every step of the way.

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Key Features for Service Providers

  • Site Management

    Experience comprehensive visibility into on-site activities from the comfort of your desk. Our platform offers detailed online audit trails for each job aspect, ensuring transparency and accountability. Monitor supplier performance statistics effortlessly for informed decision-making. Upon login, access top-level exception reports, providing immediate insights into critical areas.

  • Reactive Jobs

    Reactive jobs are tracked seamlessly, whether logged directly on the platform, through the service desk, or via service providers, ensuring the right person acknowledges each job. Our service desk monitors and follows up on every job for you. With the Elogs App, you can easily raise and track jobs on the go.

  • PPM Planner

    The PPM planner enables clear visibility of scheduled maintenance across your portfolio. Import assets, tasks, and jobs at once and provide access to suppliers and engineers for streamlined planning. Service desk tracks all PPM jobs to ensure timely completion and documentation uploads. Real-time job updates offer comprehensive audit trails, keeping everyone informed.

  • Quotes

    Our Quote feature simplifies creating and sending quotes for approval, tailored for service charge property management. Request and compare quotes from multiple partners effortlessly. Approvers can accept parts or all of a quote, triggering follow-up tasks, while unsuccessful partners are notified automatically. Quotes are managed against definable SLAs, with automatic closure and expiration.

Keep facilities and assets operating at peak performance for longer

Ensure the long-term preservation of your assets with our CAFM solutions, designed to proactively identify and remedy inefficiencies across your properties.

Achieve comprehensive contract and supplier management and successfully organise your assets, with options to register assets, conduct surveys and create planned maintenance programmes. Harness integrated services to maximise efficiency when assigning mass volumes of maintenance tasks and track tasks easily through the PPM planner.

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