Integrate, connect and manage property, assets, people and costs across your entire organisation from Elogs CAFM system

As a Facilities Director, transform your organisation with the powerful capabilities of the Elogs CAFM system. Seamlessly integrate and manage your property, assets, people, and costs across your entire operation. Gain critical insights into your data, enabling you to make informed business decisions that drive success. With real-time visibility across your facilities, swiftly address and overcome challenges as they arise, ensuring smooth operations and sustained productivity. Our fully configurable system allows you to tailor it to your specific needs, ensuring that your operational requirements shape our technology to provide the perfect solution for your facilities management.

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Key Features for Facilities Directors

  • Supply Chain Management

    Our combined solution of CAFM + 24/7 service desk proactively ensures all services are delivered to predetermined SLAs and KPIs; creating audit trails that provide a complete and accurate service history.

  • Asset Management

    Easily link assets to industry or personalised service specifications and seamlessly share this information with users and engineers. With our App, engineers can access historical service data when servicing or repairing assets, leading to efficient work processes.

  • Document Management

    Simplify document management with easy uploads, tagging, and expiry notifications. Manage certification by mandating files for jobs, auto-tag documents with task and site names, and review partner files. Share default files with contractors and link documents to actions, quotes, assets, and audits for easy searchability.

  • Compliance Integration with Meridian

    Ensure full compliance with ease through our seamless integration with Meridian, provided by William Martin. This powerful collaboration ensures that all regulatory requirements are met efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Facilities management platform to ensure your properties are compliant and tenant issues get resolved effectively

Elogs’ market leading facilities management platform controls millions of supplier and contractor requests across thousands of properties, providing you with total visibility of supplier performance.

Backed by our attentive FM service desk and time critical exception reporting, this enables rapid resolution of building issues, more efficient facilities management, improved quality of service delivery, and ensures total compliance across your portfolio.

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