Elogs Service Provider API Programme

At Elogs, we are relentless in our pursuit of maximising client efficiency and effectiveness. We recognise that the seamless flow of information between systems is paramount to achieving this objective. This is precisely why we are unwaveringly dedicated to investing in and optimizing our Service Provider API Programme, ensuring its accessibility and compatibility with a wide array of third-party software providers.

Our commitment is not just about accessibility; it’s about excellence. The Elogs Service Provider API Programme guarantees that integrations meet the exacting standards and quality benchmarks we set for ourselves. We are resolute in providing nothing short of the best experience for third-party development teams, reinforcing our position as leaders in facilitating superior software solutions.

Membership to the Elogs Service Provider API programme is by application only.

Features of the Service Provider API Programme

  • Access to a dedicated environment to test and validate your product with Elogs’ interface
  • Access to Postman & Swagger API Documentation
  • An API User on their client system
  • Access to client CAFM instances through token allocation

Benefits for Service Providers

  • Prevents Data Duplication – With the Service Provider API Programme, service providers can save time and effort as they can input information into one platform, instead of multiple systems
  • Increases Data Integrity – Service Provider API Programme members will be able to increase data integrity because automated updates will reduce the risk of input errors when duplicating information
  • Saves Time – Ultimately, the Service Provider API programme will save service providers time and reduce admin overheads caused by manual duplication of work. This means that service provider users can be more efficient in supporting their other business functions as well as being more cost-effective
  • Improve relationships with clients – This programme can greatly improve service provider relationships with clients as they can provide more accurate and timely updating of data and work orders.

Features of the Service Provider API Programme

  • Increases Data Integrity – Automated updates from service providers removes the chance of input errors when duplicating information, helping to maintain data accuracy on the client system.
  • Accelerates workorder completion – The Service Provider API Programme can accelerate workorder completion as it will reduce double handling of data entry. This means that the client system will be updated more efficiently and reduce any delays in getting jobs signed off through admin requirements.
  • Improves relationships with service providers – With accelerated workorder completion and improved data integrity, clients will gain the benefit of more transparent and stronger relationships with their service providers.

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The programme will be split into three tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold — these membership tiers will determine how many tokens each member is given. A token is required for each client system that the member wants to access through the APIs. Bronze tier members are entitled to 1 token, Silver tier members are entitled to 5 tokens, and Gold tier members are entitled to 20 tokens.

The Service Provider API Programme will allow members to access the Elogs CAFM APIs for the purposes of automating their job and quote workflow updates; ensuring data is provided in a more timely and accurate fashion to the clients Elogs CAFM platform, whilst reducing their internal overheads and administration time.

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