The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU) is an independently funded research institute within the School of Biological Sciences focused on increasing understanding of the regulatory systems underlying plant growth and development.

SLCU brings together specialists in biological, physical, and mathematical sciences integrating a range of wet-lab experimental research with computational modelling of plants. This interdisciplinary approach is essential for understanding the complex dynamic and self-organising properties of plants.

SLCU focus on Plant science and research, so understandably, the maintenance needs of the facilities are rather intensive.

This case study gives an in-depth overview of how SLCU improved workflow management, increased productivity and enhanced visibility with Elogs CAFM.

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    It’s a very good system for us and it’s helped us. The CAFM system drastically reduced the time to complete jobs.
    Michael Fischer
    Facilities Manager, The Sainsbury Laboratory University of Cambridge

Spotlight on Michael Fischer

When Michael Fischer started his role at SLCU, they were still using a paper-based system for facilities management activities. Michael now oversees a large and complex maintenance operation that requires a modern and efficient CAFM system to manage workflow, compliance, asset history and performance metrics. Michael used the Elogs CAFM system in previous roles he was in, so when he started working at SLCU, he thought that it would be a good system for streamlining their processes.

Why did The Sainsbury Laboratory choose Elogs CAFM?

One thing of the main things that led SLCU towards Elogs CAFM was that it looked good in terms of the dashboard, allowing them to see all their critical data. Not to mention the Elogs CAFM uses real-time data and so it’s always being updated consistently.

SLCU was impressed by the reputation, presentation, and functionality of Elogs CAFM, as well as the constant updates and support. He liked the dashboard, the linking of jobs, assets and files, and the ability to track and audit everything.

Ultimately, SLCU wanted to work with a system that was proven and had been used by an array of trustworthy brands.

How the power of CAFM software transformed The Sainsbury Laboratory University of Cambridge


What key problems does Elogs CAFM help The Sainsbury Laboratory overcome?

Primarily, Elogs CAFM system helped SLCU reduce the burden of workflow management. For example, when someone raises a job, it gets sent to the technical supervisor, and then they approve the work and send it to their teams.

This means that there is accountability for each person and every job gets passed along to the right person, driving efficiency. Elogs CAFM allows SLCU to track and update and audit the job to clarify when it was raised, when it was approved, and who carried out the work.

As well as helping the facilities manager, Elogs CAFM also supports the engineers on the ground. Where they would typically get given a piece of paper with a job written on it and then the completion of job would be recorded in a folder.

The problem with this was that documentation would often get lost, so being able to raise subsequent jobs would have been difficult to do. With so many jobs and maintenance requirements, it was vital that SLCU found a system that could support their needs.

What are the main solutions that Elogs CAFM provides for SLCU?

Compliance management

SLCU says that Elogs CAFM has helped them with compliance, reporting, invoicing, and asset management. Elogs CAFM allows the team to track all their PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) activities and makes it easier to check and pay invoices.

Document management & job tracking

With Elogs CAFM, SLCU have a traceable audit trail where all the relevant documentation is safety stored. The CAFM system also enables the team to attach purchase orders, as well as any other important files to each job.

Increased productivity

SLCU reported that that Elogs CAFM has improved the speed, productivity, quality, and professionalism of the service delivery, as well as the communication and satisfaction of the end users. Given that all jobs are tracked on Elogs CAFM, the user gets updates on the progress of tasks.

How does Elogs support The Sainsbury Laboratory team?

With a dedicated team supporting SLCU at every step they have been able to drive productivity, track compliance activities, and streamline workflow management. Elogs CAFM offers total visibility of assets, giving SLCU much more control over their facilities management processes.


How the power of CAFM software transformed The Sainsbury Laboratory University of Cambridge


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