Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is a global real estate services company, founded in the United Kingdom with offices in 80 countries. Services provided by the company include investment banking, real estate finance, and corporate finance, as well as property development, property management, project management, and tenant representation.

As an industry leader with such a large property portfolio, taking control of building fabric maintenance is crucial. So, after spending a lot of time searching for the perfect solution, the JLL property management team came to Elogs to find out how Facilities Services could support them.

But what challenges did JLL face in managing fabric maintenance? This case study gives an in-depth overview of how JLL boosted productivity, streamlined fabric maintenance management, gained total visibility of their supply chain, and elevated their business with Elogs Facilities Services

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    Elogs Facilities Services has massively improved performance, not just in terms of streamlining our supply chain, but also our own people - this has all come out the work we've done using Elogs Facilities Services.
    Richard Curnow
    Head of Partner Performance & Optimisation, JLL PAM

Spotlight on Richard Curnow

Before JLL, Richard Curnow had extensive supply chain experience as a consultant working with many international brands in retail, banking, automotive and hospitality. He joined JLL’s Property Management team as Head of Procurement in 2016, managing the supply chain for JLL’s UK Investor clients.

Richard is now the Head of Partner Performance & Optimisation, focussing on development of the services to clients. These services include those delivered by Elogs Facilities Services.

    Before Elogs Facilities Services, we struggled to deploy the right suppliers across the whole of the UK; for example, finding a locksmith in central London was easy, but if we needed to find a contractor to fill a pothole in the north of Scotland, it was far more difficult.
    Richard Curnow
    Head of Partner Performance & Optimisation, JLL PAM

What Problem did JLL need to solve?

Prior to Elogs Facilities Services, JLL’s fabric maintenance management was not quite as efficient and effective as they wanted it to be.

During this time, they often received feedback that fabric maintenance jobs were not being dealt with as quickly and efficiently as JLL required.

This meant that the process of managing fabric requirements was much less smooth—JLL needed an easier, streamlined way to manage their fabric maintenance requirements.

Why did JLL approach Elogs

JLL already had a good working relationship with Elogs given that they have been working with them for years. In terms of cost, JLL would be spending practically the same amount with Elogs Facilities Services as they were with their previous provider.

After discussions with the Elogs team, JLL came to view Elogs Facilities Services as the ultimate solution for managing their fabric maintenance requirements.

In terms of managing suppliers and contractors, JLL was leaning towards Elogs Facilities Services because they could be safe in the knowledge that all service providers were qualified and verified. This was particularly important in terms of helping them to remain compliant and meet regulatory standards.

  • We liked the sound of Elogs Facilities Services because it involved a wider supply chain and a huge number of verified subcontractors.

    Richard Curnow

    Head of Partner Performance & Optimisation, JLL PAM

How did Elogs support JLL through the onboarding process?

Once JLL realised they needed Elogs Facilities Services, the next step was mobilisation. Generally, implementing new systems can be challenging—but Elogs provided all the support needed to help embed Elogs Facilities Services across JLL.

JLL received in-depth training from our team to help them get to grips with Elogs Facilities Services; we also equipped them with informative brochures and a mobilisation pack. These training materials were circulated to the wider JLL team, including the facilities managers, to ensure that everyone understood how the system worked.

JLL's Journey with Elogs Facilities Services


What solutions did Elogs Facilities Services provide for JLL?

Managing fabric works, both reactive and preventative, used to be a serious challenge for JLL. But as soon as they onboarded Elogs Facilities Services, they knew they no longer had to worry about their fabric maintenance requirements.

Increased Efficiency

Before Elogs Facilities Services, JLL would receive complaints from tenants about fabric work not being completed promptly, or not knowing when a supplier was going to turn up to fix a building issue.

In terms of saving time and driving efficiency, Elogs Facilities Services has been transformative for JLL.

    The Elogs Service Desk is fantastic; it's so much better than an outsourced call centre because the Service Desk team have so much expertise and can sort out most problems efficiently.
    Richard Curnow
    Head of Partner Performance & Optimisation, JLL PAM

Improved Time-Management

Given that JLL use Elogs CAFM system, they benefit from the integration with Elogs Facilities Services. Having both systems is a cost-effective solution for JLL because they experience total visibility of job status and reduce the administrative burden involved in fabric maintenance.

Ultimately, this saves JLL hours and hours of time, meaning that their facilities managers can focus on other important priorities within the business.

Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Elogs Facilities Services offers total transparency, giving JLL much more clarity about the way things work. JLL now has access to a range of qualified subcontractors who they can trust to carry out fabric maintenance works efficiently, cost effectively, and to the highest quality. Not to mention, the ability to have suppliers and contractors readily available, wherever their buildings are based, has been a game-changer for JLL.

With the backing of Prosure360, JLL’s health and safety team feel confident that they have a compliant supply chain.

  • Before Elogs Facilities Services, we didn’t have the same visibility of the supply chain; we used to be told that work might be carried out in two weeks, but there wasn’t the right level of communication and organisation.

    Richard Curnow

    Head of Partner Performance & Optimisation, JLL PAM

JLL's Journey with Elogs Facilities Services


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