Every facilities manager (FM) wants to drive efficiency within their business. But a day in the life of an FM can be challenging to say the least. From emergency maintenance issues to managing building compliance—there is always a problem to solve. Using CAFM to enhance productivity can take your FM business to the next level. So, in this article, we’ve highlighted ten easy ways to drive efficiency with CAFM software.


Get proactive with preventative maintenance

PPM, or planned preventative maintenance, can make life significantly easier for facilities managers. With a scheduled maintenance plan in place, you can optimise asset performance, prevent future repairs, and keep buildings in good working order.

CAFM software allows FMs to use PPM planners to schedule maintenance activities in advance and drive efficiency.  PPM planners help to develop and implement maintenance schedules, allowing facilities managers to proactively identify and address potential issues. This ensures that all your buildings are performing at their peak.

Elogs CAFM includes an advanced PPM tool which makes it easy for FMs and property managers to keep control of planned maintenance activities and streamline workflows. By enhancing the overall performance of your buildings, PPM can help facilities managers to increase productivity across the board.

Access vital data with ease


One aspect of facilities management which can be time-consuming is finding critical data to share with your internal and external stakeholders. CAFM software can show you everything about your buildings and assets, giving you total visibility and real-time data. This is especially important as it enables FMs to make data-driven decisions, in addition to improving asset performance.

Elogs CAFM stores all your documentation, tracks actions, and allows you to see comprehensive audit trails. It provides a centralised system for all facilities-related data, including asset information, space utilisation, maintenance records, and work order requests.

Ultimately, Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk allows you to see what equipment has been serviced and when, the service history of your assets, any supplier requests, and more. Being able to find relevant information quickly means that FMs can save time and share sensitive data.

Experience full visibility of your suppliers and contractors

Keeping track of your suppliers and contractors can be tedious and labour-intensive. However, it’s crucial that FMs ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency when managing their service providers. Elogs CAFM system can store all your supply chain documents in a single location. With all your documentation and job requests all in one place, you can easily manage and track multiple jobs and oversee suppliers.

Also, Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk is integrated with Prosure360, a supply chain management software, which gives you full control of your supply chain. This platform demonstrates whether your contractors and suppliers meet your business’ requirements and standards. Selecting verified service providers is extremely important in ensuring building maintenance is carried out in and effective and efficient manner.

Improve compliance management processes


Managing compliance is crucial for ensuring the well-being and safety of the people using your buildings. But ensuring compliance can be a full-time job in and of itself. To cut costs and drive productivity across the business, you need maintenance management software to simplify the process. FMs have many compliance risks to manage including fire, electrical, gas, water, air, asbestos, and hazardous waste handling.

To effectively mitigate these risks, facilities managers need to maintain assets and facilities, ensure adequate training for those monitoring and maintaining equipment, and showcase compliance through reporting.

Elogs CAFM is integrated Meridian, an advanced risk management software. With the integration between these two platforms, FMs can keep track of their health and safety performance. Elogs CAFM also allows you to store contracts securely, meaning you’ll be able to access documents and evidence compliance to external stakeholders.

Instead of trawling through compliance documents manually, Elogs CAFM keeps compliance documents organised and safe. This will save you time when searching for specific documents, allowing you to prioritise other important business activities.

Optimise assets for peak performance

One of the main functions of maintenance management software is its ability to help FMs optimise assets, buildings, and equipment for peak performance. With CAFM software, facilities managers can closely manage their buildings and minimise the need for equipment replacements and associated costs.

By using PPM planners and implementing preventive maintenance using Elogs CAFM,  FMs can maintain buildings effectively and carry out repairs swiftly. With total visibility of your buildings, you can anticipate when repairs are needed and reduce the risk of unexpected, costly breakdowns. This boosts overall efficiency as your buildings will run smoothly and avoid operational disruptions caused by equipment failure.

Automate manual process and workflows

Many FM businesses invest in a CAFM system to save time and resources. If your business still uses spreadsheets to carry out facilities management, you are probably wasting a lot of time and effort. To remain competitive and cut costs, facilities managers should adopt advanced technologies, such as CAFM. Automating workflows is the key to scaling your business, and the more buildings you manage, the more you’ll need facilities management software.

With real-time data, CAFM automates manual processes and allows you to see what is happening across your buildings at any given time. Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk reduces the amount of administration required to manage your properties. Essentially, this helps you to reallocate resources to maximise productivity. By removing the tedious task of manual tracking, CAFM increases efficiency and drive productivity.

Reduce waste and improve ESG performance

The importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in facilities management cannot be overstated. The maintenance of a building directly impacts its performance, efficiency, and longevity. Therefore, facilities managers (FMs) must optimise their properties for energy efficiency.

CAFM can reduce the burden of managing ESG compliance alone. By offering robust tools for data collection, analysis, and reporting, CAFM software allows businesses to efficiently monitor, manage, and optimise their operations from a sustainability perspective.

Elogs CAFM system can help FMs see which aspects of a property require upgrades or renovations; this enables them to reduce waste and improve the building’s overall ESG performance. Through enhancing the ESG performance of your properties, you can also improve operational efficiency across the board.

Better manage your budget and finances

With comprehensive reporting and analytical tools, Elogs CAFM provides all the insights you need to take control of the finances in your business. Maintenance management software can also help you spot spending trends across your organisation, helping you forecast more accurately for your next financial quarter.

By streamlining the management of your properties and assets, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of where your budget is being spent—this will help you to spot the most and least costly activities. By having better visibility of your buildings, maintenance management software will reduce the risk of poor budget allocation and enable you to run your business in a more cost-efficient way.

Receive 24/7 support with a service desk


How can facilities managers keep their buildings running smoothly 24/7? The answer is simple—they can’t. That’s why a service desk is essential. An integrated CAFM and service desk takes ownership of any building issues that may occur, supporting tenants and giving facilities managers peace of mind. This is especially important when it comes to managing out of hours issues. With a service desk, your business can respond to emergencies 24/7.  This saves time and drives efficiencies because it means the FM doesn’t have to be on call day and night.

Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk protects your reputation and improves tenant satisfaction as it ensures that nothing gets dropped. When calling the Elogs Service Desk Centre, 90% of our clients said we always answer the phone in under 20 seconds while 85% agreed that our team responds to emails on the same day, if not within two hours.  This empowers facilities managers to focus on other important business priorities, meaning they can manage their workload more effectively and enhance productivity.

Streamline tenant management

Managing commercial and residential tenants can be tricky, particularly if you have a large property portfolio. To maintain positive relationships, it’s important to quickly resolve their issues and provide exceptional service. With Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk, maintenance issues can be resolved swiftly. By keeping your buildings functioning safely, your tenants can trust that their requests will always be dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

Elogs CAFM provides real-time status updates, giving you total transparency into everything that’s occurring in your buildings. This means you can keep assets in good working condition, improve efficiency, retain your existing tenants, and cut costs in the process.

There are so many different ways that CAFM can elevate your business’ productivity, so don’t fall behind your competitors!


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