In business, building professional relationships is everything. But what relationships are important as a facilities manager? And how can CAFM software help? In this article, you’ll discover why relationships in facilities management are important, how to build relationships that last, and how Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk can help.

Why is it important to build lasting relationships as a facilities manager?

As is common in most industries, fostering professional relationships is essential. As a facilities manager (FM), having good relationships with stakeholders, investors, tenants, and service providers helps businesses build a strong reputation within the industry.

The quality of your professional relationships can define the success of your FM business. These good relationships foster a culture of collaboration and trust, which can significantly enhance operational efficiency. Ensuring you build strong connections with internal and external stakeholders leads to smoother communication, enhanced efficiency, and quicker issue resolution. This collaborative environment promotes synergy and drives performance and productivity across the board.

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and in facilities management, trust is essential for effective decision-making and problem-solving. This enables open communication, honest feedback, and mutual support, laying the foundation for long-term partnerships that benefit everyone involved. So, which relationships do facilities managers (FMs) need to nurture?

How can you leverage CAFM software for relationship building as a facilities manager?

Relationships with stakeholders, investors, and senior leaders


When your stakeholders feel connected and engaged, they are more likely to share ideas, provide feedback, and collaborate on finding creative solutions to FM challenges. To maintain good relationships, facilities managers need to communicate with stakeholders and keep them in the loop regarding building maintenance, vacancy rates, and tenant complaints. CAFM systems can be especially useful as they can help FMs keep track of important documents and manage tenant invoices.

Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk improves relationships with stakeholders as it offers facilities managers a single source of truth, providing one secure location for all critical plans, documentation, and task-relevant information. This makes it easier to engage investors and stakeholders with data that’s accurate and up to date.

As a facilities manager, keeping your properties in good working condition also strengthens relationships with investors, giving them peace of mind that you’re running your business effectively. Not to mention, 60% of investors in the UK are keen to see more businesses be transparent about their environmental impact. This means that facilities management companies can build more robust relationships with investors if they embed ESG practices across their buildings. With Elogs CAFM, FM companies can efficiently monitor, manage, and optimise their operations with a focus on facilitating sustainable practices.

This can help to attract and retain important professional relationships due to the decreased risk and enhanced financial viability, especially concerning asset value. Ultimately, CAFM software acts as the perfect tool for helping facilities managers build strong relationships with stakeholders, senior leaders, and key investors.

Relationships with service providers, suppliers, and contractors


A facilities manager depends on reliable suppliers and contractors to carry out effective maintenance and repairs on their buildings. So, part of an FM’s job is to build strong relationships with service providers who can quickly respond to any potential building issues. When choosing who to work with, a facilities manager must always consider efficiency, quality, and compliance. That’s why the Elogs CAFM system is integrated with Prosure360, an advanced supply chain management software.

By using Elogs CAFM and Prosure360, facilities managers can evidence how they manage their supplier relationships financially and operationally.

How can CAFM software enhance relationships between FMs and suppliers?

CAFM offers an easy way to track and report on their work along with allowing clear communication between all involved parties. By incorporating CAFM software into your operations, the service providers you work with can unlock a multitude of benefits that enhance service delivery and improve client relationships:

  • Increased Work Opportunities: Engaging proactively within the CAFM system can attract more work opportunities, showcasing a commitment to efficiency and excellence that resonates with potential clients.
  • Demonstrating Expertise: Utilising CAFM allows service providers to showcase their capabilities effectively to existing and prospective clients, building credibility and trust through tangible evidence of successful service delivery.
  • Efficient Communication: CAFM facilitates seamless communication with clients, enabling updates and job requests that foster transparency and strengthen relationships.
  • Job Tracking and Completion: Service providers can easily track jobs from initiation to completion using CAFM, ensuring tasks are managed effectively, deadlines are met, and clients are kept informed throughout the process.
  • Time Savings and Workflow Optimisation: By leveraging CAFM to monitor job progress in real-time, service providers can save valuable time by knowing the exact status of each task, enabling efficient resource allocation and streamlined workflow management.

Elogs Service Desk is what sets us apart from our competitors. With 24/7 support, our Service Desk team ensures that every job is followed through to completion. Our ability to provide round-the-clock support ensures that assistance is readily available to service providers, day or night. Essentially, Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk is an ideal solution for helping FM companies forge strong connections with their service providers, suppliers, and contractors.

Relationships with tenants

Building lasting relationships with tenants involves understanding their needs, addressing their concerns promptly, and providing exceptional service. By prioritising tenant relationships through effective communication, PPM maintenance, and round the clock support, FMs can create a positive experience that leads to higher tenant retention rates and a strong reputation in the market.


Keeping tenants satisfied and safe should be a top priority for every facilities manager. Forging positive tenant relationships can significantly contribute to the overall success of your FM business. That’s because happy tenants are far more likely to renew their lease, as well as boost your business’ reputation. It can also help reduce vacancy rates and improve your professional reputation within the commercial real estate industry.

With Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk, your tenants can get maintenance issues resolved quickly. This means facilities managers can relax knowing that their buildings are in safe hands. By ensuring the safety and comfort of your buildings, your tenants will trust that their requests will always be dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

Elogs CAFM provides real-time status updates, giving you total transparency into everything that’s occurring in your buildings. This means you can keep equipment in good working order, ensure compliance, improve efficiency, retain your existing tenants, and cut costs in the process.

In today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in supporting relationship-building efforts in facilities management. Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software provides tools for efficient communication, data sharing, task management, and performance tracking that can strengthen relationships with stakeholders at every level. By leveraging CAFM software to streamline operations, improve service delivery, and enhance transparency, facility managers can build lasting relationships that drive success.

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