Facilities management is multifaceted and complex which is why every FM needs a suite of advanced technological solutions. As well as providing effective Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software, Elogs also integrate with a state-of-the-art SCM, supply chain management system—Prosure360.

By combining these two systems, you can experience total supply chain visibility and keep your buildings performing at their peak. With real-time data and unique insights, our integrated approach helps you reduce risk and make an informed decision about who you work with.

What is Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk and how can it support clients?

Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk is a cloud-based CAFM solution and branded Service Desk. With dependable round the clock support, our service desk acts as an extension of your team. It provides seamless and efficient job management for property and facilities managers (FMs). We understand the importance of round-the-clock support which is why we offer assistance, day or night. Our service desk team log the jobs raised by FMs, dispatch those jobs to your service providers, then track their progress from initial attendance to completion.

This continuous support of our service desk means that urgent issues are addressed promptly, reducing potential downtime and minimising the impact on the organisation. This ensures that nothing gets dropped and property managers can rest easy knowing their buildings are in safe hands. Elogs CAFM + Service Desk truly is a game-changer which enhances the overall client experience and satisfaction.

Ultimately, Elogs streamlines the management of facilities, buildings, infrastructure, and assets. Our CAFM saves valuable time for facilities managers by taking on the responsibilities of job management and service coordination. This allows them to redirect their efforts towards strategic planning, analysing data, and optimising processes, leading to more efficient facilities management practices.

What is Prosure360 and how can it support clients?


Prosure360 is a supply chain management system that gives you total visibility of your suppliers and contractors. Our integration with this platform allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your supply chain by providing a traffic light report, enabling you to assess whether your contractors and suppliers meet your specific standards.

Prosure360 and Elogs CAFM can drive efficiencies and streamline operational processes across the supply chain. Both platforms are particularly useful in tracking supplier performance and selection. The ultimate goal of Prosure360 is to help businesses to make an informed choice about the service providers they work with, ensuring the supply chain is made up of qualified, insured, and reliable contractors.

How do Elogs CAFM and Prosure360 work together?

By setting your standards in Prosure360, you’ll be able to see a traffic light report of your supply chain. This shows you if your contractors and suppliers meet your specific standards. With our integration, the same information is available directly within the Elogs CAFM platform. Both these platforms share real-time data on Insurance, SSIP qualification, pre-qualified assessments, and financial health. Together, these systems can help you onboard, mobilise and deploy your supply chain.

Prosure360 pushes information through to Elogs CAFM, allowing you to have all your critical documentation and supplier information in one, secure location. Investing in Elogs CAFM and Prosure360 reduces the administrative burden of managing your supply chain and streamlines building maintenance.

What are the benefits of this integrated approach?

The combined power of Elogs CAFM and Prosure360 can enhance visibility, increase productivity, and reduce risk within your business. Some of the key benefits of having both Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk and Prosure360 include:

  • Improved cost savings.
  • Better time-management.
  • Increased efficiency across your business.
  • Reduced risk across your property portfolio.
  • Enhanced compliance activities.
  • Improved property performance.

Our integrated approach helps facilities managers to remain compliant by conducting planned preventative maintenance, as well as finding reliable and qualified suppliers. Both aspects are extremely important in ensuring compliance and keeping your buildings safe and secure.

Prosure360 also allows you to easily see the financial status of your service providers in an accessible, readable format. With real-time data, you can see an up-to-date analysis of your service providers. This makes it easy to keep track of their financial health. With our CAFM software and Prosure360, our clients can mitigate risk, improve supplier relationships, and manage any number of sites or properties with ease.

What happens if you work with unreliable service providers?


If a service provider doesn’t complete a job due to financial circumstances, it doesn’t just reflect badly on them, but also on your business. This means not only will your tenants been dissatisfied, but your investors will lose trust that you can effectively manage your property portfolio. With Elogs CAFM, there is also functionality which allows you to request quotes.

This means that the facilities manager can conduct their due diligence and obtain the relevant number of quotes. Ultimately, this ensures that they are getting value for money from those they are working with.

The financial status of your current suppliers and contractors could change at any minute. So, FMs always need to stay informed about who they are working with.

With Elogs CAFM and Prosure360, you can have peace of mind that you are working with financially stable companies, helping to reduce risk across your business. Our integration with Prosure360 also helps FMs better manage their ethical requirements within the supply chain.

By properly vetting your service providers, Prosure360 ensures you only work with suppliers who meet your specific standards and align with your values. This is especially important in assuring good corporate governance. Prosure360 offers the capability to conduct pre-qualified assessments which cover subject matters that are critical for ESG alignment, encompassing the requirements outlined in PAS91, including:

  • Modern Slavery.
  • Equality and Inclusion.
  • Quality.
  • Sustainability.

Using our integrated software, FM companies can verify that their partners share and uphold the same ethical standards. By using Elogs CAFM and Prosure360, facilities managers can evidence how they manage their supplier relationships financially and operationally. This integrated approach makes it easy to have full visibility of your buildings and assets and your supply chain.

What improvements have been made to these systems?

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) organisation, we are always looking to improve our integrated systems. Since early April, Elogs CAFM is now able to record the Prosure360 status of the service provider at the point of Job approval and at the point of job completion. In the CAFM system, this can be viewed within the job in the Prosure360 tab on the left hand details pane.

In addition to this, when a CAFM user hovers over a service provider, text will appear showing any reasons for requirements not being met. If a service provider does not meet your specific requirements, a yellow warning message now appears in Elogs CAFM, alerting you when approving a job.

This simplifies the process of selecting suppliers and contractors because you no longer need to log into the Prosure360 platform to see the basic status of your service providers. This drives efficiency and helps you keep all your vital information regarding service providers in on place, creating a single source of truth.

With unrivalled transparency and unparalleled control, our integrated systems can elevate your business to new heights. The level of visibility provided by Prosure360 and Elogs CAFM is unmatched, allowing you to identify risks and implement appropriate measures across your properties.

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