Recently, we carried out a LinkedIn poll to find out whether your service providers enjoy using a CAFM system. The results were clear—67% of respondents claimed that their service providers are more than happy to use a CAFM. This isn’t surprising given the countless benefits that a CAFM system offers to service providers.

But what about the service providers who are still reluctant to use this software? Although many suppliers see the pros of a CAFM system, there are still a few who need some convincing…

There are several things that might prevent service providers from using CAFM which is why you need to choose a platform that suits you and your suppliers. If you want to get your service providers on board with a CAFM system, there are a few things you need to consider.

In this article, we’ll explore why service providers might be reluctant to use a CAFM, the benefits of using a CAFM and how Elogs CAFM + Service Desk can support you and your service providers. We will cover topics, including:

How do service providers use a CAFM?

The way that your service providers use a CAFM differs from the way you use the system. Suppliers and service providers can use CAFM to track jobs and quotes effectively; this makes it easier for suppliers to understand their upcoming tasks and receive clear instructions on how, when, and where to do their jobs.

Service providers can then use the CAFM to upload evidence of the work has been done, as well as raising remedial tasks where needed. This should help them efficiently allocate their resources given that they can use the CAFM to see what work is being scheduled and when.

Essentially, the CAFM gives the service provider an easy way to track and report on the work they are doing along with allowing clear communication between all involved parties.

Why would service providers be reluctant to use a CAFM?

There are a few obstacles that might prevent service providers from using a CAFM system. Suppliers will be reluctant to use a CAFM if:

The CAFM platform is difficult to use.

Firstly, some suppliers may be put off if your CAFM does not have a user-friendly platform that’s easy to navigate.

The last thing a service provider wants to do at the end of a long day is to spend hours figuring out how to update their most recent job on a complicated software system. The point of CAFM is to simplify the facilities management process, not make it harder.

There are multiple CAFM platforms.

Another reason that service providers might be reluctant to use CAFM is because of how many different platforms they have to use.

multiple-CAFM-software-systemsIf a service provider has a long list of clients, it’s likely they’ll be using more than one CAFM system. This means they may not want to add your CAFM to the list.

But, if your CAFM offers the right features and benefits to your suppliers, you can certainly change their mind.

This is just another opportunity to make your CAFM stand out from the crowd so that your suppliers not only tolerate the platform, but actually find it a powerful tool which they enjoy using.

There is a lack of CAFM training.

When it comes to complex software, like CAFM, lack of training can also be a drawback for service providers. If you’re working with a service provider who doesn’t know how to use your CAFM, they might not even try if you don’t have the right support in place.

Howeverif you show them a CAFM that is not only simple to use, but also provides training videos, they’ll be more inclined to engage with it.

The CAFM system is overbearing.

Lastly, some service providers view CAFM as more of a negative than a positive, in that they see it as a ‘big brother’ watching over them. That’s why it’s important that your CAFM is a collaborative system that promotes streamlined communication, empowers your suppliers, and makes everyone’s lives easier. Instead of it being dictatorial and overbearing, it should be an opportunity to build long lasting professional relationships with your service providers.

What are the benefits of a CAFM system for service providers?

There are many benefits of using a CAFM system for both service providers and clients working in the property management industry. By using a CAFM, service providers can:benefits-of-CAFM

  • Get more work by positively engaging within the CAFM.
  • Evidence their capabilities to other clients.
  • Easily communicate with the client.
  • Track jobs through to completion.
  • Save time by knowing exactly what stage a job is at.

But remember, you need to choose a CAFM that works well for you and your service providers. If you don’t find a platform that meets both of your needs, you won’t be able to effectively manage your facilities.

What would inspire suppliers to use a CAFM?

So, how can you get your suppliers to see CAFM as a useful tool? Now you know why service providers may be disinclined to use a CAFM, we can now explore what would motivate them to do so.

An intuitive CAFM platform.

An intuitive CAFM, with user experience in mind, will always help to get service providers on board. If a service provider can easily find their way around your CAFM system, it will make logging jobs a straightforward process which allows them to save time and focus on the things that matter to them.

A CAFM with built-in training guides

Built-in training guides can also be a great tool to incorporate into your CAFM system. This gives your service providers all the information they need to use your CAFM, without having to waste time deciphering the platform for themselves.

A CAFM with streamlined communication.

streamlined-communication-CAFMWhen choosing a CAFM that will appeal to your service providers, think about communication.

Ask yourself: Can your suppliers easily communicate with those requesting jobs on the CAFM?

Suppliers will be impressed by CAFMs that offer a method for keeping in touch with clients and those raising work requests.

For example, in the Elogs CAFM, every job has notes which anyone involved in the job can add to; this provides a simple way for facilities managers and contractors to stay in the loop with each other.

A CAFM with visual documentation.

A good CAFM system should also allow requestors and service providers to showcase the problem they are facing. This means enabling job requestors to upload photos and videos that document a job visually. One example of this might be uploading a photo of the issue to demonstrate what needs to be done to resolve it.

This gives the service provider a visual representation of the job they are taking on, in addition to giving them a better idea of what they need to bring with them to fix it. If your CAFM also allows suppliers to upload images and videos, you can start to build a clear picture of a job from start to finish.

A CAFM with a human touch.

Although most CAFMs don’t offer human support, it can be helpful for service providers to have someone to go to for help and guidance. If you opt for a CAFM that has a service desk which provides on hand support, this will entice your suppliers to use your platform.

What is Elogs CAFM + Service Desk?

The Elogs CAFM + Service Desk acts as an extension of your company, providing a seamless and efficient job management experience for property and facilities managers. Our CAFM frees up valuable time for facilities managers by taking on the responsibilities of job management and service coordination.

Elogs’ CAFM system is also integrated with Prosure360, allowing you to see a traffic light report of your supply chain. Ultimately, this will make your life easier by showing whether your contractors and suppliers meet your specific standards.

How can Elogs CAFM + Service Desk support service providers?

Our Service Desk is what sets us apart from our competitors. With 24/7 access, our Service Desk team ensures that no job falls through the cracks. We understand the importance of round-the-clock support which is why we ensure that assistance is readily available to you and your service providers, day or night.

The Service Desk will help push your service providers to get their jobs done, ensuring nothing gets dropped and jobs are seen through to completion. With Elogs CAFM, you’ll also get the full support of a contract manager to help you get the most out of the CAFM; the contract management team will have relationships with both the clients, and the service providers.

Before you start using the CAFM, you and your service providers will get free training so that you understand how to utilise the platform; there are also built-in training guides that will allow you to expand your knowledge even further. Our CAFM is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that you and your service providers can easily use all the different features and navigate the system smoothly.

Ultimately, you need to choose a CAFM that meets all your specific business needs which is why you should weigh up the pros and cons. However, you should always try to keep your service providers in mind so that you find a CAFM that encourages your suppliers to engage with the platform.

Get ready to take your facilities management to the next level and build better relationships with your suppliers using Elogs CAFM + Service Desk!

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