As businesses expand globally, facilities managers (FMs) face unique challenges in managing properties across different countries and regions. Complying with diverse local regulations and operational standards becomes crucial. This is where a Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system can be an invaluable tool. CAFM enables facilities managers to effectively support international requirements.

With Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk, we can support our clients with multi-country portfolios. We ensure that facilities management needs are met internationally, as well as in the UK. A CAFM system with robust international capabilities can be a game-changer. It can provide you with the tools to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and maintain a consistent level of excellence across all your global facilities.

In this article, we’ll discuss the extent of Elogs CAFM’s international capabilities, and the key benefits that come with our software.

How does Elogs CAFM support clients with multi-country portfolios?


Elogs CAFM is designed to give you total visibility of your facilities, buildings, and assets. But not just in the UK. Clients can load all non-UK sites onto our CAFM system, providing transparency across the entire portfolio whether properties are based in the UK or in Europe. This provides a single source of truth, allowing you to track Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) activities, reactive maintenance, and remedial work across your multi-country properties.

CAFM helps you easily benchmark facilities management performance across the different countries that your properties are based in. If your business has an operation base in one country, CAFM still allows you to see all the relevant data regarding your properties outside your main operation base.

Elogs CAFM system is integrated with Prosure360, a supply chain management software. This gives you full control of your supply chain. This unique platform shows whether your contractors and suppliers meet your specific business requirements. Prosure360 also caters to clients based in and outside the EU, creating question sets applicable to specific countries, and supporting clients that operate internationally. Prosure360 also provides SSIP assessments, which include Republic of Ireland Duty Holder Categories, including:

  • SSIP Approved IE.
  • SSIP Approved IE Contractor.
  • SSIP Approved IE Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS).

This means that clients who have operations in Ireland can have specific SSIP for that operational base, giving them clear visibility between UK and Ireland based service providers. Our integration with this platform allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your supply chain, ensuring you only work with qualified, insured, and reliable service providers.

Why is it important that we offer international coverage?


So, why is it important for CAFM software to provide international coverage for facilities managers? Instead of having multiple systems to store country specific data, CAFM provides one, easy to access, location for all your property-related information.

As well as having the ability to see your entire portfolio at a glance, you will also be able to share the relevant documents with all necessary stakeholders, in and outside the UK.  For Elogs CAFM, we currently have clients based in Europe, but we are also able to offer support to those with sites further afield.

What are the key benefits of a CAFM with international capabilities?

Remote Monitoring and Control

With Elogs CAFM software, a facility manager can remotely monitor and control their building activities. This allows for proactive preventative maintenance, energy management, and rapid response to emergencies, regardless of the property’s geographic location. Real-time data and alerts keep you informed and in control, ensuring efficient operations and minimising equipment downtime.

Localisation and Compliance: Tailored to Your Global Needs

Compliance with local regulations, building codes, and industry standards is a critical aspect of international facilities management. A CAFM system with international capabilities can be configured to accommodate these diverse requirements.

Our integration with Meridian, a compliance management system, allows you to effectively track and monitor compliance across your multi-country property portfolio. Ultimately, this can help you ensure that your operations adhere to the relevant laws and guidelines in each region or country.

Vendor and Contractor Management


Managing suppliers and contractors can be challenging when dealing with international properties. But, since Elogs CAFM is integrated with Prosure360, you can streamline this process by having a centralised database for service provider information, qualifications, and performance tracking, ensuring consistent service delivery across all locations.

With the ability to create bespoke questions in Prosure360, you can build question sets that are applicable to the country you are operating in. Prosure360 can also deliver to international markets and translate documentation so that all parties, including clients and service providers, can understand certificates and question sets.

Total Visibility of Properties and Supply Chain

No matter where in the world you are situated, Elogs CAFM combined with Prosure360, gives you 100% visibility of your properties and supply chain. With a single, unified platform, you can access and update information easily, ensuring consistency and accuracy across your entire portfolio. This centralised platform eliminates the need for multiple, disparate systems, reducing the risk of data errors and inconsistencies.

By leveraging the capabilities of a CAFM system, a facility manager can effectively support international requirements, ensuring compliance, consistency, and efficient operations across their global portfolio of properties. This technology empowers facilities managers to overcome the challenges posed by global property management. This enables them to deliver exceptional service and maintain high standards across all their international facilities.

To supercharge your FM business and streamline the management of your multi-country property portfolio!


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