Commercial property management software has become a common tool for facilities and property managers alike. But how do you know which type of platform to choose? With Elogs, you don’t have to compromise. While we’re known for for our cutting-edge CAFM and Service Desk, we also serve as a comprehensive one-stop-shop to help you navigate any facilities management challenges.

At Elogs, we’ve built an eco-system of property management products, designed to save time, cut costs, and mitigate risk. Our products and services help property managers overcome hurdles and make facilities management simple and more efficient. So, what do we offer and how does it all work?

What is Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk?

In the modern age of facilities management, commercial property management software has become essential. Effective facilities management is no easy task, especially when there are so many competing priorities.

This explains why so many facilities managers (FMs) and property management companies have turned to Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM). CAFM software has become a popular tool to help FMs and PMs save time, reduce costs, and improve building maintenance activities.

Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk is an online system that helps facilities managers with job management and service coordination. It includes a branded Service Desk, allowing facilities managers to focus on high priority tasks and save time. Our 24/7 Service Desk provides round-the-clock support to clients, ensuring that every job is followed through to completion.

Ultimately, Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk can simplify facilities management, helping you save time and cut costs. It’s more than just software; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers you to manage your properties efficiently and elevate your business to new heights. There are so many benefits to using a CAFM system, but how does it help to manage building fabric maintenance? That’s where Elogs Facilities Services steps in…

What is Elogs Facilities Services?

Building fabric maintenance is extremely important in keeping your tenants and investors satisfied—but what is it? Fabric maintenance refers to the ‘fabric’ of a building which could include anything related to its functionality and appearance.

This includes tasks such as flooring works, painting and decorating, drainage and plumbing, ceiling and window maintenance, door, and access repairs, as well as joinery and tiling work. It generally covers the areas of your building that aren’t viewed as specialist, electrical, or mechanical.

The reason fabric maintenance can often be overlooked is because it’s classed as ‘minor’ works, which can lead people to think it’s not important. Focusing on minor works is crucial to prevent the need for major works in the future.

By consistently maintaining the fabric of your buildings, you can avoid potential serious damages. For instance, neglecting a small water leak in a property’s roof could result in substantial water damage, necessitating costly and time-consuming repairs down the line. This highlights the importance of proactive fabric maintenance in preserving the integrity and functionality of your buildings.

How can Elogs Facilities Services help?

Backed by the Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk, Elogs Facilities Services ensures that your fabric maintenance requirements are managed efficiently, cost effectively, and to the highest quality.  After a job is raised, the Facilities Manager can easily authorise the works by approving the request and assigning Elogs Facilities Services as the service provider.

With Elogs Facilities Services, you never have to worry about finding the right suppliers and contractors. Our supply chain is made up of approved contractors who serve all areas across the UK; we approve all our contractors using our integration with Prosure360, an advanced supply chain management system. Not only that, but we can get anywhere in mainland UK within 4 hours to all critical jobs.

With Elogs Facilities Services, your business can:

  • Maximise efficiency.
  • Improve employee utilisation.
  • Take control of your workday.
  • Reduce the administrative burden involved in fabric maintenance.
  • Enhance relationships with supply chain.

Elogs Facilities Services can be a powerful tool in its own right, with its own white labelled service desk to respond to queries and issues. However, Facilities Services can be even more effective when working alongside our CAFM+ Service desk as it gives you full visibility of your property portfolio.

What is Elogs Occupier Portal?

Elogs CAFM and Facilities Services cover facilities management and fabric maintenance, but what bridges the gap between the facilities manager and the tenant? That’s where Elogs Occupier Portal can complete the property management toolkit.

Fostering positive tenant relationships is not only beneficial for property managers, but it also significantly impacts the overall success of your business. By leveraging technology to enhance communication, streamline operations, and improve management processes, property managers can prioritise tenant satisfaction.


This approach leads to increased lease renewals, valuable referrals, and a positive professional reputation. Elogs Occupier Portal is a property management platform which streamlines building management processes and helps you build better relationships with your tenants. It is a software designed to solve many of the key challenges in facilities management, helping cut costs and promote efficiency.

Occupier Portal offers a diverse array of features which facilitate seamless interactions between property managers and tenants. By enhancing the tenant experience and simplifying the lives of property managers, Occupier Portal is a real game-changer. This software allows you to:

  • Efficiently handle visitors, deliveries, and parking.
  • Ensure the safety and security of your buildings.
  • Collect feedback from tenants via online forms.
  • Improve communication with your tenants using the message board feature.
  • Track building maintenance issues to see any current problems across your properties.
  • Share critical, required, and recommended documentation with tenants and colleagues.
  • Give tenants automated maintenance updates.
  • Empower tenants to book shared entities such as meeting rooms and parking spaces.

How do these products work together?

With a clear understanding of each of these individual products, it’s time to consider how they all work together as one harmonious unit. CAFM+ Service Desk, Facilities Services, and Occupier Portal all integrate with one another, creating an ecosystem of property management solutions.

Although these systems can function as standalone products, they can also be paired with our CAFM system to maximise visibility and productivity. So, when Facilities Services is coupled with our CAFM+ Service Desk, you’ll get total visibility of job status, workflow in real time, and 24/7 support from our service desk, ensuring that nothing gets dropped.

When dealing with multiple fabric maintenance requests, being able to respond 24/7 is so important. That’s why we recommend integrating Facilities Services with our CAFM+ Service Desk, because round the clock support can make such a difference to FMs and their tenants.

Occupier Portal also works in tandem with our CAFM system. The integration allows tenants to log and monitor the progress of maintenance and fabric issues. When a job is logged, it will be sent to Elogs CAFM where it will follow the traditional workflow, such as going to the facilities manager for approval. This means that tenants can stay informed about job statuses, reducing the need for regular updates from site management teams.

Document management is another important feature in Occupier Portal because it allows FMs to easily share critical documents with their colleagues and tenants. With the CAFM integration, documents can be pushed to Occupier Portal, removing duplication of effort.

With this array of integrated software solutions, Elogs is the ultimate tool for property and facilities managers to boost productivity, improve professional relationships, and simplify facilities management.

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