What are the Key Benefits of the Prosure360 Elogs Integration?

What are the Key Benefits of the Prosure360 Elogs Integration?


“Integrating the Elogs CAFM platform with the Prosure360 supply chain management software was absolutely key in reducing supply chain risk for our clients” – Rob Mead


In 2022, we integrated the Elogs CAFM system with Prosure360, a supply chain management software, to increase your compliance, giving you unrivalled transparency and unparalleled control.


This integration will elevate the visibility of your supply chain, combining two of the very best compliance systems.


This article will outline what Prosure360 is, what Elogs CAFM is, why we integrated these platforms and the key benefits for facilities management businesses.


What is Prosure360?


Prosure360 is a supply chain management software which provides a cutting-edge solution for effective supply chain management. It is designed to give clients full visibility over the contractors and suppliers they work with.


This platform allows clients to have all their core supply chain documentation in one place; this means they can keep track of and report on goals relating to supply chain management, net zero emissions, ESG and more.


What is Elogs CAFM?


CAFM is software that allows you to streamline the management of facilities, buildings, infrastructure, and assets.


It has numerous benefits, giving you full visibility of your costs, risks, and assets; it allows you to manage your time effectively and spend time on the things that matter.


What sets us apart from other CAFM providers is our 24/7 service desk which acts as an extension of your company, providing a seamless and efficient job management experience for facilities managers.





Why did we Integrate Prosure360 and Elogs?


Our experience has shown us that organisations have common data that is required across multiple systems which causes duplication, delay, and error.


In the past, we’ve seen examples where clients couldn’t easily access data to share with the wider business, making it difficult to communicate key metrics to stakeholders, investors, and other interested parties.


With this integration, you’ll be able to share key supply chain data, such as:


  • Insurances.
  • SSIP assessments.
  • Pre-Qualification status.


This reduces the risk when assigning a service provider to a specific job or site, and simplifies the process for our clients.


What are the Benefits of the Elogs Prosure360 Integration?


By setting your supply chain standards in Prosure360, you’ll be able to see a traffic light report of your supply chain, showing if your contractors and suppliers meet your standards.


With this integration, the same traffic information is available directly within the Elogs CAFM platform.


So, how will this make your life easier?


  • Your key metrics can be integrated.
  • You can set key standards you want your supply chain to work to.
  • You’ll be shown real-time information on meeting standards before allocating work.
  • You’ll be able to see a traffic light report of your supply chain.
  • You’ll be able to make an informed choice when managing your supply chain.


How will this Integration Work?


By integrating Elogs and Prosure360 you can collate detailed information on Service Providers and set key standards you want your supply chain to work to.


To understand how these two systems work seamlessly together, download our guide.



Regain control of your supply chain with our industry-disrupting integrated system and get in touch with us today.