Darren McCall –
Contracts Manager

Tell us about your career in Elogbooks to date:

I came to Elogbooks after leaving the tyre industry in 2016. I wanted a complete change of scenery, but while remaining in my comfort zone which was account management and Elogbooks fit this brief perfectly.
From the first time I met the team at Elogbooks I knew this was the place I wanted to work, everyone was so friendly and a few of them had similar experiences as I had over the years, I felt at home straightaway.
Since starting I have progressed through the team, learning the system and services intimately. I am now in the position where I represent my team as a spokesperson and technical leader.
That same feeling of welcome and togetherness still remains, I have some great friends at Elogbooks, and the job has remained as varied and as interesting as the day I first started.

What do you like about working for Elogbooks?

The job is varied and the people I work with always ensure no day is boring nor is it repetitive. There is always someone to lean on. It feels like every voice is heard, and their ideas and viewpoints respected as much as if we were all a director of the company.

Describe the Culture at Elogbooks:

The culture is similar to being in a family. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that you feel you have the confidence and knowledge to impart your opinion without feeling pushed down. Everyone is lovely and it is hard to be here without building extremely strong bonds with those around you.