Arlia Bundy –
Operations Manager

Tell us about your career in Elogbooks to date:

In 2012 I saw a job advertising for a system administrator, I was just finishing maternity leave, so it couldn’t have come at a better time. The interview process was very welcoming and made me feel at ease, everyone I met seemed friendly and overall it seemed like a nice place to work. I knew that if I was offered the job I was going to take it.
Elogbooks really do invest in their people and my journey is a perfect example of this. I started as a system administrator and, in time took on the responsibility for overseeing the Administration team. Before long I was given additional responsibility for overseeing service delivery with our client facing service desk and I continued to progress as the company expanded. I am now operations manager for the organisation which is a role I thoroughly enjoy.
From the first time I met the team at Elogbooks I knew this was the place I wanted to work, everyone was so friendly and a few of them had similar experiences as I had over the years, I felt at home straightaway.
Since starting I have progressed through the team, learning the system and services intimately. I am now in the position where I represent my team as a spokesperson and technical leader.
That same feeling of welcome and togetherness still remains, I have some great friends at Elogbooks, and the job has remained as varied and as interesting as the day I first started.

What do you like about working for Elogbooks?

I like the team culture and the fact that employees matter. The company seriously commits to employee growth too, I have recently completed my CIPD level 5 in HR which has been fully funded and supported by the company in allowing me study time and guidance.
Its also a very family friendly place to work. As a working mother with a young son, Elogbooks is very flexible and I feel supported in achieving a good work/life balance.

Describe the Culture at Elogbooks:

Elogbooks is an empowering place to work and it feels like one big family. We all feel invested in the company and work together to achieve the best we can for the business.