What is CAFM and How Can it Help your Business

What is CAFM and How can it Help your Business


Elogs CAFM is a cutting-edge maintenance management software that helps streamline facilities management processes and make work easier.


Our state-of-the-arts CAFM system + Service Desk has been designed to simplify the processes involved in facilities management.


This system frees up valuable time for Facilities Managers by taking on the responsibilities of job management and service coordination.


This allows you to redirect your efforts towards strategic planning, analysing data, and optimising processes, leading to more efficient facilities management practices.


What is CAFM?


CAFM is software that allows you to streamline the management of facilities, buildings, infrastructure, and assets.


It gives you full visibility of your supply chain and allows you to manage your time effectively and better communicate with your investors and stakeholders.


What are the Pros of CAFM systems?


There are many benefits to CAFM systems which ensure effective facilities management; understanding the pros and cons of this software can help you to make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for your business.


Some of the key benefits include:


Full Visibility: CAFM systems gives you full visibility of your supply chain by storing all documentation in one place, tracking actions, and giving you detailed audit trails so that everyone stays in the loop.


Improved Time Management: The simplification of the processes involved in facilities management saves you time, allowing you can focus your energy into the bigger tasks at hand.


Cost Efficiency: There are many ways CAFM systems can cut costs including improving asset value, reducing callouts and regular maintenance of equipment.


There are numerous benefits to using a CAFM systems, but the investment into this software depends on your budget and specific business needs.


What makes Elogs CAFM + Service Desk Different?


What makes us different from other CAFM providers is our reliable 24/7 service desk.


The Elogs CAFM + Service Desk acts as an extension of your company, providing a seamless and efficient job management experience for facilities managers and property managers.


This personal touch gives facilities managers a real person to speak to about the issues they’re having, as well as making sure that important issues are addressed efficiently and effectively.


What are the key features of CAFM software?


Our CAFM systems has a wide range of features that give you full control of your supply chain and, essentially, make your life easier.

So, what can our CAFM do?


Monitor Supplier Performance


Elogs CAFM allows you to monitor your suppliers’ performance with hard data targets and service driven KPIs.


Our software compares your suppliers’ results against comparable providers, helping you make informed decisions about the allocation of work.


This feature helps you keep track of your suppliers’ performance and ensures that you’re getting the best value for your money.


Manage Reactive Jobs & Quotes


In Elogs CAFM, every job is managed from quotation and approval through to ownership and completion.


Each step is monitored in real-time, ensuring that nothing is missed; this feature helps you stay organized, allowing you to manage your workload more effectively.


Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)


The PPM planner in our CAFM gives you clear visibility of scheduled maintenance across your portfolio.


Jobs can be updated in real-time, providing comprehensive audit trails so everyone stays informed; this feature helps you keep your facilities in top condition by ensuring that all maintenance work is carried out on time and to a high standard.


Provide Bespoke Audits


In our CAFM system, you can create and customize your own audits, which can be carried out on the move.


Available through the app, you can perform audits wherever you are, without disrupting the auditing process.


Any actions created can be generated and issued directly from Elogs CAFM, making your work easier and more efficient.


Improve Asset Management


With Elogs CAFM, you can associate assets to industry or personalised service specifications, such as SFG20, and share that information with users and engineers alike.


The Elogs App allows you to access historical service data on the go; this helps you manage your assets more effectively, ensuring they are well-maintained and in top condition.


Deliver Exception Reports


Your Elogs dashboard is an instant exception report, providing you with an immediate overview of the items requiring your attention. For example, you can see actions that need review, approvals, and overdue reactive tasks; this allows you to stay on top of all your tasks and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.


Ultimately, Elogs CAFM + Service Desk is a comprehensive solution for facilities management as it streamlines processes and improves overall efficiency. Our mission is to make your work easier and more enjoyable, giving you more time to do what you do best.


Take control of your supply chain with Elogs CAFM and book a demo today.