What are the Key Risks that Facilities Managers face?

What are the Key Risks that Facilities Managers face?

Risk Strategy

Managing risk is a part of everyday life for facilities managers, who are charged with ensuring facilities are compliant with health & safety and other regulatory legislation. The challenge is in the number of risks they have to manage.

Lisa Saunders, Elogs’ Head of Business Development comments:

“Are risk assessments in place, third party due diligence, building safety, asset management, audits, well-being and safety of all building users?

“The list is exhaustive as too is meeting statutory compliance, with the right people in place to deliver and an appropriate audit trail. Not meeting these requirements; having inadequate awareness of legal responsibilities or an ability to evidence the delivery or planned delivery to meet statutory compliance, can in some cases lead to fines, and potential brand and reputation damage.

Identifying, understanding, and managing those risks are crucial to ensuring a safe and secure environment for colleagues, tenants, and key stakeholders and to protect reputation, brand, and well-being,” she added.

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