Samuel Mace

Samuel Mace – Property Service Administrator

Tell us about your career in Elogbooks to date:

I came to Elogbooks at the start of this year, when I felt the need for a new career. I was looking for an environment where I could use my existing customer service skills and B2B experience which I’ve learned across a wide range of vocations.
In my previous role as a coach driver, I had the pleasure of driving the Help Desk team to their Christmas party – they made such a good impression on me, I decided to make Elogbooks the next destination in my career. It’s been genuinely enjoyable to step into a role which is more interpersonal and fluid than anything I have done before.

What do you like about working for Elogbooks?

We help to make people’s lives easier – that’s the essence of what we do, so every day has the power to give job satisfaction if you go in with the right attitude. I’m also lucky enough to work with some phenomenal people who I’m proud to call my colleagues, which helps to make the day go quicker. There is an added benefit in this being a happy, calm environment, which makes the days more enjoyable. Another benefit here is that there are working patterns to suit everyone. The work/life balance at Elogbooks is the best I’ve known from any employer so far in my career. I’ve got my life back!

Describe the Culture at Elogbooks:

The culture is respectful, friendly and open from the top down. I feel that an individual’s, talents and skills are appreciated and recognised by management, regardless of which industry they have been acquired in. Entry level staff are made to feel valued and appreciated.