How to Get the Most out of CAFM with Elogs PPM Planner

How to Get the Most out of CAFM with Elogs PPM Planner

We have now launched our new and improved Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) tool, enhancing one of the core features of our CAFM offering; this means you can get the most out of CAFM with Elogs’ enhanced PPM Planner.

Why did we make these changes?

In the past, we admit that the features of the Elogs PPM have been tricky to handle, and typically involved support from the Elogs Admin Team.

Although we haven’t changed workflows or allowed additional access for users, these enhancements will vastly improve the efficiency and speed with which changes can be made. This results in a more manageable, intuitive and powerful tool achieving vastly improved data integrity.

What changes you can expect?

The main changes will include:

    • ✓ ‘Drag and Drop’ editing
    • ✓ Enhanced Task manipulation
    • ✓ Streamlined workflows
    • ✓ Split View and improved legends
    • ✓ Built-in training guides

What are the key benefits?

The enhanced PPM features will ensure that the CAFM platform is a much more intuitive, manageable and powerful tool.

It will also give you more control over your PPM planner, making it easier to stay in line with your compliance platform such as Meridian.

Instead of requiring multiple steps to alter tiny details on the PPM planner, you will now be able to easily edit, and update planned scheduled maintenance tasks ahead of time, with all of your changes being safely supported by an enhanced approvals process.

Now, you will have improved visibility of draft changes and you will find it much simpler to manipulate the PPM.

What is the aim?

The overall aim of this project is to streamline workflows and reduce administration time. This makes it quicker and easier to do what you do best.

Ultimately, we want to allow all Elogs users to save time, cut costs and get the most out of the CAFM platform. See more in the video above.