Charlotte Gourley

Charlotte Gourley

Charlotte Gourley –
Senior Property Administrator

Tell us about your career in Elogbooks to date:

I Joined Elogbooks in 2019 looking for a change in my career. I started off working night shifts and ended up being on the nights team for 2 years. Working nights gave me a really good understanding of how we work out of hours and the responsibility that comes with it and having to make difficult decisions quickly being that we only dealt with emergency calls.
I moved across to the days team in January 2022 leaving the out of hours family behind and this opened up further opportunities for my personal goals, it’s a completely new chapter. I still assist with the out of hours training. Putting all the skills I’ve learnt over the last few years into training others that join Elogbooks, I look forward to progressing further and seeing what other opportunities Elogbooks brings for me.

What do you like about working for Elogbooks?

I love working at Elogbooks, the whole office is like one giant family, someone will always be there to help in any aspect. I went through an awful time 2 years ago and the management and entire team were so supportive and let me continue working even when I struggled in doing my job role, they went as far as finding me other work that I could physically do so I didn’t have to take time off or feel anxious coming to work knowing I couldn’t do my usual job. Anything I need they are always there to support me and help where they can. This meant a lot to me and always will. The line managers are incredible! I like the shift pattens. In the sense on nights the shift pattern is brilliant, 3 on 3 off! meaning you get a great balance. I love working the day shift as you get to see more. More of how the system works in office hours and the work volume keeps you busy all day! And also, the fact that we build such a good relationship with the Facilities Managers and Service providers and everyone in between. I like that there is so many different ways you can progress through Elogbooks, and the possibilities are endless.

Describe the Culture at Elogbooks:

Elogbooks is literally like one big family. Everyone is approachable and willing to help in anyway they can, whether that be in work life or personal. Elogbooks do so many things that bring people together whether that be switching up the teams on the helpdesk, so you get to work with others or the other end of the spectrum like quiz nights, parties, or games. Meeting up for bingo nights. Everyone is included if they want to come! A few words that would sum the culture up would be, Family, Flexible, Caring, Teamwork, Patience, Thoughtful, Growth and Encouragement.