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Release 116

Jobs – use forms as statutory paperwork – client request

Forms can now be used as statutory paperwork on Jobs on the Job complete step.

You can assign a form to a job, and upon completing you can use the completed form as the statutory paperwork. On the complete step a new field will be visible ‘Please select form’, this will display any completed forms associated with the Job.

Upon selecting the form, it will generate a file and allow the user to fill in the normal file related information, setting the file as statutory to meet the Jobs requirements. Upon clicking submit on the complete step, a PDF will be generated and attached to the Job as paperwork. This functionality is available on both Web and App and is present on both the Job complete and complete paperwork steps.

Jobs – add new remedials tab to Job detail view – client request

On Jobs we have added a new tab for remedials, this tab will include limited information on any Jobs, Quotes or Actions that have been raised from the current Job.

They will all now be set with a remedial flag to allow grouping and reporting on issues raised directly from the Job. On this tab you will find buttons for Raise Job, Raise Quote and Raise a new Action. These will open up the standard forms and upon clicking submit the user will be redirected back to the tab and list view of raised remedials.

Jobs – tidying the job complete step – client request

We have updated the Job complete step on the web to include the following changes:

    1. 1. The note field has been moved from the bottom to the top section below the file add button, the reason for this change is to make it clearer the note field is for Job completion and not related to another section.
    1. 2. We have also added headers to the following sections, Asset and Labour Lines to make sure these sections are clearly visible and spaced out for users.

Release date: Release 116 – 04.08.2021

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Dashboard – Mandatory dashboard widgets – Client Request

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