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Release 104

Actions – Ability to copy summary and description when creating a job from an Action – Client Request.

When creating a job from an action, currently there is an expanded section on the top of the main ‘Job Details’ page which when expanded shows the related actions summary and description. Currently the user can manually copy the details to the job if required.

This new feature introduces a button on this same ‘Action Details’ section called ‘Copy to Job’, which when clicked will copy the action summary and description (if provided) to the same field on the Job.

This is a simple copy function, and the user can still edit and add to the fields on the Job if required, if the user clicks on the copy button after they have updated the summary or description this would then overwrite with the original text from the action.


When you press the “Copy to Job” button, it will copy the summary and description into the below fields.


Release date: 16.02.2021

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Release 103 - 02.02.2021

Audits – Ability to export Audit list – Client Request.

As a user with the correct export permission and access to Audits, you will see a new Export button on the top right-hand corner of the list view… MORE